Winter can be a magical time of year with Christmas and New Year bringing some joy to the season. Alongside the seasons festivities however, comes the cold weather and the almost inevitable winter bugs. So, we’ve got some tips that can help you stay healthy throughout the winter:

Try and prevent tiredness

One of the biggest contributing factors to feeling ill over the winter months is feeling tired and sluggish, there are a few reasons that this could be the case but there are also a few things you can do to help prevent this.

Spending time outside or in areas that have lots of natural sunlight is a good way to stave off sluggishness and tiredness, the lack of sunlight during the winter days can disrupt sleep and wake cycles which can cause you to feel sluggish and tired for the rest of the day. Exposing your body to natural sunlight is good because it can help wake you up and get settled into the day but also can help increase serotonin levels. Known as the “happiness hormone”, which can improve your mood and help you feel better for the rest of the day.

Having a healthy diet

Your diet can also contribute massively to how you feel during cold weather spells so it’s important to try and maintain a healthy diet during this time as it can boost your immune system and help avoid the nasty winter bugs.

Citrus fruits are high in vitamin C which helps build your immune system and is also thought to increase the production of white blood cells which are key to fighting infections. Ginger is an ingredient that can help reduce inflammation, so it is very useful for sore throats- grating some ginger and squeezing the juice into some fresh orange juice is a good way to try and overcome an illness during winter. Milk or other dairy products are a great way to help your immune system during winter as they contain protein, calcium and vitamins A & B12 which all help to build your strength during the cold weather. Good vegetarian or vegan options are foods like seed mixtures which are high in calcium, you can get protein from foods like tofu, edamame beans, lentils, chickpeas as well as nuts like almonds and peanuts. Vitamin B12 only really occurs naturally in meat or animal-based products but a good vegan option is fortified cereals. Fortified cereals are cereals that have had vitamins and minerals added to them that would not be there naturally and are the perfect supplement to a vegan diet.

Have a hearty breakfast

Winter is the perfect time of the year to have a big hearty breakfast in the morning, so go for a bowl of porridge as it’s a great source of natural fibres and starch which also has slow release energy helping you feel fuller for longer. As a bonus, porridge oats also contain vital vitamins and minerals.

Hopefully these tips help you stay well for the winter so you can focus on enjoying the holidays!

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