Custom Pharma Services has manufactured a wide range of solid dose, powders and hard gel capsules since 1979. Our facilities can manufacture existing and new formulations, providing innovative solutions for your hard-to-manufacture products. We have licences for the manufacture of hormones, controlled drugs, specials and investigational medicinal products (IMPs). Our facilities and services are certified by the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA).


Custom clinical and commercial manufacturing

Clinical GMP supply manufacture

  • Blending: 100g – 50Kg
  • Wet granulation: 1Kg – 10Kg
  • Fluid bed granulation: 500g – 10Kg
  • Drying: 500g – 10Kg
  • Compression: 500 – 100,000 tablets
  • Coating: 1Kg – 10Kg
  • Encapsulation: automated drug in capsule micro dosing system


Commercial manufacture

  • Blending (including direct compression): 10Kg – 400Kg
  • Wet granulation: 25Kg – 400Kg
  • Drying: 500g – 400Kg
  • Compression: 14,000 – 200,000 tablets per hour
  • Coating: 25Kg – 150Kg
  • Encapsulation: 60,000 capsules per hour

Quality control testing

  • Laboratory information management system (LIMS)
  • Raw material testing
  • API release testing
  • Finished drug product release testing
    • HPLC (see case study)
    • GC
    • Dissolution
    • FTIR/NIR
    • KF moisture analyser
    • Physical testing
    • Solid-state characterisation capabilities through partner laboratories
  • ICH stability testing for finished drug product