Our Services

Clinical Trial Manufacturing

With a flexible and personalised approach, we can manufacture important batches of drug product and placebo-to-match for Phase I, Phase II and Phase III clinical trials, supporting this crucial stage of new medicine development and patient therapy.

  • Tailored formulation development for your preferred dosage form, including tablets, capsules and powder for oral solution.
  • A strategy that recognises the specific requirements of your clinical trial can be adopted
  • Placebo-to-match active product for blinded trials
    • Bespoke tooling sourced to match round or shaped, debossed or plain tablets
    • Film-coated tablets
    • Hard gel capsules
  • Precision powder dosing of drug into hard gel capsules, to as low as 1mg per capsule
  • Dedicated Pilot Plant for small-scale clinical product development and manufacture, with options for scale up to larger batch sizes
  • cGMP manufacture, testing and supply of Investigational Medicinal Products (IMP) in bulk to third party clinical trial packaging sites
  • MIA(IMP) QP certification
  • Creation and Maintenance of the Product Specification File relevant to the manufacture of the bulk product at CPS.
  • Resupply of product where required to support ongoing trials and future demand