30th Aug 2019

Manufacture of Drug-In-Capsule Placebos & Clinical Trial Batches

Case Study: Issuing a proposal for the manufacture of Clinical Trial Batches and Placebos with differing API levels

At Custom Pharma Services we value both customer service and product quality over everything. This goes for both small batch manufacture for clinical trials or formulation prototypes and products being manufactured to commercial scale.

Equipment: The ‘METTLER TOLEDO QUANTOS AUTOMATED DOSING SYSTEM’ is a machine that can accurately manufacture batches with minimal amounts of the API from 1mg>. There is also no minimum batch size so it can manufacture an exact number of capsules to perfectly suit the clients needs. This makes it perfect for procedures that require small batches such as clinical trials or formulation prototypes. This is ideal for the customer as the accuracy and reliability of the system allows for the manufacture of small batches very cost effectively and to a very high standard.

The use of the ‘QUANTOS SYSTEM’ in this scenario was proposed in order to ensure the customer is given both a cost effective and accurate product for both batches with varying amounts of the API. The ability of Custom Pharma Services to go from clinical to commercial is extremely advantageous as it allows us to guide any prospective clients through from pre-formulation to clinical trial all the way to manufacturing on a commercial scale. The acquisition of a client at the clinical stage combined with the proposed use of the ‘QUANTOS SYSTEM’, allows us to build a relationship with the intention to not only supply the customer with a high-quality batch of clinical trial products with accurate amounts of the active ingredient, but also to demonstrate our industry leading customer service capabilities as well as our unparalleled reliability and attention to detail.