Exposing a cut to the open air helps it heal quicker

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The myth is that if you have a wound it is best to leave it exposed to help it dry out and heal quicker. The truth is in fact the opposite as scientists have observed that leaving a cut exposed can slow down the healing process. This promotes cell death as well as leaves the wound open to infections and scarring. Covering a cut or graze and allowing it to remain moist can promote cell growth and prevent infections. A common remedy people use, applying antibiotic creams/ointments, can actually prevent the healing of cuts and grazes. Although they keep wounds moist, they can also potentially lead to allergic reactions and swelling. This is due to a condition called ‘contact dermatitis’.

Bonus fact: A better alternative to antibiotic creams/ointments is to apply petroleum jelly-based products like Vaseline twice a day to the wound. This will cover the wound, protecting it from infection and keep it moist to promote cell regeneration.

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