We’ve all heard them, myths you’ve been told since your childhood that your mum won’t let you forget. But how true are they? Here’s 5 of the most common myths that aren’t as true as you think:

Cracking knuckles causes arthritis

One of the biggest myths that almost everyone believes in is that cracking your knuckles increases your chances of getting arthritis. This myth probably exists because the painful sounding noise and action of repeatedly cracking your joints seem like things that would injure you. In reality the worse that would happen would be a reduced strength of grip in your later years. The cracking noise when cracking your knuckles comes from nitrogen being pulled into the joints then forced out quickly. Currently, no studies have resulted in a link between the cracking of knuckles and arthritis.

Bonus Fact: Scientist Donald Unger cracked the knuckles on his left hand every day for over 50 years and not on his right hand. At the end of the study he would examine each hand to find any differences. He couldn’t find a difference in the health of the joints and he was awarded the Ig Nobel Prize 2009 which is awarded to studies which “make people laugh and then think”.

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